I am 26,160 words into my squid racing novel, about halfway through the plot, and enjoying NaNoWriMo quite thoroughly. But I just had to pop out of my month of hibernation to link a few really cool squid-in-the-news stories. Evidence continues to build that squid are basically awesome:
SQUID FLY: We've known for a long time that squid can fly, but a recent review paper summed up all the evidence and made some cool calculations about velocity and body postures.

SQUID HEAR: I've rambled before about the squid-are-deaf vs. squid-are-not-deaf debate. Squid-are-not-deaf seems to be winning quite conclusively. (But can whale sonar knock them out? Jury's still out.)
SQUID TEACH: Well . . . dead squid can be very effective education tools, anyway. Some fabulous colleagues of mine brought Humboldt squid dissections to Washington, DC, for the National Science and Engineering Festival. It went swimmingly.

SQUID CAN RECOVER FROM (OVER?)FISHING: Was Sasha Arkhipkin right about the Argentine shortfin squid when he predicted they would bounce back this year? Seems like maybe he was!

Also, fellow cephaloblogger Mike Lisieski of Cephalove got some awesome press! Way to go Mike!