Voyager 1, launched in 1977, has now traveled further from Earth than any previous launched object - 11 billion miles and counting. It is on the edge of our solar system and about to enter deep interstellar space. Since it is in uncharted air, it's no surprise that it is generating very puzzling and surprising data. Most of the predictions about solar wind, cosmic rays, and magnetic boundaries have turned out to be dead wrong,0,6860711.story.

I love the bit about cosmic rays traveling in parallel. Why shouldn't there be superhighways in space? Something has to connect with the wormholes for efficient travel.

And the magnetic reconnection between the solar system and interstellar space? They must have their own version of Facebook.

Godspeed, Voyager 1. May you continue to collect provocative data. And Voyager 2, pick it up a little bit! You're getting left in the interstellar dust.