I just returned from Environment and Climate Change Summit held at New Delhi. After 3 days of round table discussion and intensive brainstorming the final result was that every participating nation pledged to reduce its greenhouse emissions and carbon footprint, as already expected. Just lies and lies. Who cares about climate….it is changing, let it change, why you are getting the itch??…This could be seen in the eyes of all the VIPs there, except a few environment geeks like us who were there with PowerPoint presentations and statistics charts convincing the rich men to stop hurting nature and at the end they pretended that they listened to us and would take
necessary steps. CRAP!!

I was tired after a long and stressful week, so decided to spend some time with nature in a small village in Himachal, where my grandma lived. I woke up late in the morning, got pure milk to drink as opposed to the impure plastic-packed one I used to in the city. I went outside and inhaled fresh air and the site of the greenery all around gave me new life. The day was cloudy and cool light breeze was blowing. I picked my laptop and went into the jungle nearby. These jungles are not the one you find in Africa with lots of wild animals, so I was safe, my grandma told me, but yes different species of primates and birds can be seen here. After travelling some distance I saw a small brook flowing nearby which became my resting place. I spread the mat under a mango tree and sat there facing the flowing water.

Various thoughts surrounded me. Is there anything wrong nature has done supporting our species since millennia that we are punishing her now? Why don’t we understand that we are slowly becoming the death ourselves? How can I change it all? What should I do and what is my next step?

I surfed through the internet for few hours and realised, as I did every day, that nothing was changing and those climate discussions were just to show the world that the leaders cared and there was no need to panic, but there was. The smell of the natural perfume mixed with the sounds of the birds and dancing water put me into sleep. It was so quiet and mute and numb
and nothingness as non-existence……………

I had a very strange dream………

I woke up and the sun was shining dim. The breeze carried a little warmth with her and the brook glittered as the sun rays fell upon water.   Colourful birds chirped and played but kept on looking at me as if trying to say something. Grass was yellowish green and their tips shined as dew particles reflected sunlight. The trees were…………..WHAT IS THIS? WHERE AM I?? The trees were alive and all were looking at me. I mean I felt that, though they had no faces. They were waving side to side and kept on whispering something to each other. Then the one I was sitting under said “Hey Human…. Afraid aren’t you? You don’t need to be. My friends are happy that you are here. Your deeds are very noble and we all thank you for you understand us...”

“You know me?” I was dumbstruck. “Yes ! We know you all”, the tree said and there was a hum all around as they were laughing at me.

“We know this planet more than you can ever do. We are here since the beginning of life. The evolution favoured us first because our existence was crucial to yours. I won’t tell you the process, it’s you and other higher minds of your species who will uncover the mysteries one day and your progress is worth appreciating but you are very far away yet, just don’t stop thinking, your imagination and inquisition is your strength as well as your weakness; it’s all you’ve got for survival.

We saw dinosaurs come and go but they were not supposed to exist in the first place. The idea was to evolve you but something went wrong or unintentional and your birth was delayed. It is just like the experiment done by nature as you do in your world. Everything that was done before you was planned beforehand by nature but your case was a little different. Your evolution was triggered and then all was set free for you, like an uncontrolled chain reaction. You see all the life around you; it was all designed but not you. The shape and the characteristics of yours were never governed by anybody but to support you we and all the things around you were created.

We were very impressed by this experiment done by nature as we saw that you were not same but a great variety, much more varied than us. As
you characterise us into different species we also do the same but we had only one benchmark that is your mind and thought processes and every human has different one so for us more than 6 billion species of humans exist and we watch all of you. Nature did try to design some of you and you can see them around you, the people you call “deformed from birth”. But their thought process is independent just like you. It is very good see that you try to reshape them so that they can look like you and it’s very bad when their own people reject them for their abnormality.

You have made yourself one of the most intelligent species in this universe. The science and mathematics you have developed in such a short notice is appreciated by all. Your desire to learn and grow and your dissatisfaction with what you have which further fuel your inquisition is something we never thought you could develop but you did. Now you have collected so much knowledge that one alone cannot handle it all and the rate with which your knowledgebase is growing, you will need more of your kind to handle and manage it but I am afraid that majority of you don’t even understand it and the lack of education is driving force behind their destructive instincts and illogical debates. You create something to help society but your fellow men take it to much destructive levels.

What we think about your destructive instincts is that it is your fight for survival and the pain you consume right from the beginning of your birth. Some of you can control it, some fail. Those who fail include intellectuals like you but the path they have chosen for survival and competing with others for fame and greed is matter of concern for us. They are killing us and choking other species to death because of their actions. Nature feels a sense of guilt for she thinks it’s her fault. This instinct of yours cannot be healed by any power but you. Any external effort to do this will cause negative ripples all across which will disturb the balance that has been in effect till now because you are also a part of a very deep and infinitely expansive system of which we and all your surroundings are. So the onus of educating the uneducated and lower masses of yours is upon you. You have to enlighten them about the damage they are doing to the paradise they live in and how big the polluters they have become. They should stop soon else the consequences will be disastrous as can be experienced by you all. You have initiated an imbalance in this planet and it is being noted by all. Some are suggesting actions that can be fatal to your existence. Your future is up to you.

Your freedom from the shackles of the natural design was not favoured by all but the nature fought for you. She is being admired for her strength all across the universe. We are their children and we expected your kind to lead our systems in future but your self-evolution and your character is failing you and our hope is getting lesser day by day. You are surrounded by
many intellectual challenges, which were designed for you in the past and it’s for getting you prepared for representing our systems in the future. But instead of concentrating on the assigned tasks you are being deviated by your personal benefits. We are noticing some of you who are responsible and they will be rewarded but what will happen to the rest, I am provided no information.

This is what I am told to share with the selected ones of you. You are being searched, you must go now. Good luck.”

I woke up and there was a peace inside me as well as a burden. I was late so villagers searched me and brought me home where I got a little scolding from grandma and then fresh food. I was rejuvenated by the nature herself and the teaching I was given only hardened my determination to educate the masses and re-establish the balance once again. I felt proud to know how special we were. The deviation from the expected behaviour was something nature didn’t understand but it is strange that such unexplainable phenomena exist and we are not alone. There’s an evil dictator in every one of us which we have to suppress and overcome until it is too late to turn back. I will continue on the path I have taken and further expand my reach to all that live with me on this paradise.