Russian scientists increase DVD storage capacity million times


Pravda reports -

Russian scientists increase DVD storage capacity million times. 59360.jpeg

Scientists from Kazan Federal University and their foreign colleagues have developed a new optical data storage technology that makes it possible to increase the capacity of DVD storage a million times.

The article published in Nanoscale says that conventional optical storage media, such as DVD or BluRay disks, lag significantly behind hard drives, flash memory and other "hard" drives.

According to the scientists, this gap is due to physical causes. It is impossible to create a denser recording of information with the use of light because of the inability to focus a beam of light on objects or points of surface, the size of which are twice as small as the wavelength of light. For this reason, the recording information density on all optical storage media is noticeably inferior to what can be achieved on magnetic or electronic data recording systems.

Sergei Kharintsev of Kazan Federal University and his colleagues from Harvard University and London's Imperial College found a way out the situation. The scientists developed a technology to increase disk storage capacity up to a petabyte.

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