Asthma And Alcohol Consumption

Asthma is a chronic condition which causes a sudden inflammation and narrowing of airways in the...

The Acceleration of Spirits Aging Using Ultrasound

Bourbon, brandy and whiskey are all examples of alcoholic beverages which after fermentation and...

The Alarming Decline In Avian Wildlife

     Habitat loss, climate change, unregulated harvest and pollution have all contributed...

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What's the difference between Rye and Bourbon? Is it the grains? (Rye vs corn). According to chemist Thomas Collins at the University of California at Davis the answer is no.  The answer is in the wood of the barrels used to age the whiskey. Go here:
To complicate matters further Rye and Bourbons made at the same distillery had flavor profiles which resemble each other more than to other Ryes and Bourbons.

The American Chemical Society recently published its 2012 salary survey for Chemists and can be found here:

As Figuer 1 shows, the median salary for all (degree level) chemists took some serious hits during the recent recession:

Perhaps more importantly, by 2012 the median salary for Chemists was not only $1,300 less than 2008 but factoring in the effects of inflation the median salary for chemists was a full $7,900 less than in 2008.