I always like to hear who got the Nobel Prize (well at least the one in medicine, anyway- I am definitely not a physics person), because lately it is almost someone who researched something that I remember learning about in school, when it was "new". 

This year, it's telomeres- the particular sequences on the ends of chromosomes that protect the actual genes from getting broken down.  It's also nice to see 2 women getting the prize.  Oh, and a man, too, don't want anyone to think I wasn't paying attention.

When I was skimming through my RSS feed after finding the announcement about the Nobel Prize, I came across this, about a "mini-Stonehenge" discovered near the original.  While that news was interesting, it triggered a memory of a tacky tourist attraction we saw on our honeymoon: FOAMHENGE. It's a replica of Stonehenge, made out of...you guessed it- foam.  We couldn't bring ourselves to pay money to see this.  I think I would rather just go see the original if I was that interested, but apparently this Foamhenge is considered something of a work of art?  And that's why I write about science and not art!