Funny how the internet gives you access to information on your own stuff before you know it. The book I have written, "Anomaly!", is still in production (we have not yet even finalized the book cover), and yet you can even apparently buy a copy already, at the World Scientific site. What is funny is that I discovered the page with the book data by chance, browsing through other books to get inspiration!
So if you go to the World Scientific site and click on "particle physics" you can get a list of 800 or so titles, and one of them leads you to this page. In it you can read the description of the book, as well as the endorsements, and the titles of the book chapters. So since they're on air already, I'll make no more mystery about these details. I published the description in the previous post. The endorsements are the following:
In this book, Tommaso Dorigo gives the reader a fascinating look at experimental elementary particle physics from the inside, showing the warts as well as the triumphs. Unusually for such a book, he focuses not just on the discoveries and the milestone measurements, but also on the would-be discoveries that did not pan out — the apparent departures from the Standard Model of particle physics that turned out to result from statistical fluctuations or imprecise modeling. The reader will come away with a new appreciation for the challenges of doing high energy experimental physics and getting it right."
Edward Witten
1990 Fields Medallist
Princeton University
"Dorigo has written a charming and irreverent description of how a successful, large, particle physics collider detector group functioned to make important discoveries — and to avoid mistakes. The approach is continuous anecdotes, and along the way the reader learns enough physics to grasp the outcomes. He also makes clear how physicists know well who should get credit for major contributions even in a large detector group."
Gordon Kane
Author of Supersymmetry and Beyond, 2013
" Tommaso Dorigo's Anomaly! is itself an anomaly amidst popular science books, giving an unusually lively and clear-eyed inside look at how physics is done at the large particle collider collaborations. The physics results from the Tevatron collider have now entered the textbooks, but the very human story of the suspenseful twists and turns behind them has never before been told. If you're even slightly interested in how particle physics is really done, this is your chance to find out. Dorigo is a talented and irreverent scientist, but at the same time a compelling and entertaining writer, and Anomaly! brings the recent history of high energy physics to life."
Peter Woit
Author of Not Even Wrong, 2006
"Elementary particles don't have ambitions or emotions, but the people who study them surely do. In Anomaly!, Tommaso Dorigo takes you on an expert-guided journey into both the massive machines that discover the building blocks of nature, and the egos and ids of the scientists behind them. An entertaining and provocative view into what life is really like on the cutting edge of physics."
Sean Carroll
author of The Particle at the End of the Universe, 2012
"A captivating narrative that makes you feel the excitement of an experiment on the verge of a fundamental physics discovery."
Gianfrancesco Giudice
author of A Zeptospace Odyssey, 2009

Well, I'm flattered! And the book contents are the following:
  • The Standard Model and Beyond
  • The Tevatron and CDF
  • Revenge of the Slimeballs
  • The Road to the Top
  • Run 1
  • Top Quark Battles
  • The Discovery of the Top Quark
  • The Impossible Event
  • Preon Dreams
  • A Personal Interlude
  • The Superjets Affair
  • Scalar Quarks?
  • 12 chapters, that is. I will tell you a bit more about the content of these in another post...