The Marie-Curie network I am coordinating, AMVA4NewPhysics, is going to start very soon, and with its start several things are going to happen. One you should not be concerned with is the arrival of the first tranche of the 2.4Meuros that the European Research Council has granted us. Something more interesting to you, if you have a degree in Physics or Statistics, is the fact that the network will soon start hiring ten skilled post-lauream researchers across Europe, with the aim of providing them with an exceptional plan of advanced training in particle physics, data analysis, statistics, machine learning, and more.

In order to be eligible you should have NO PhD - you might pick one up while you participate in our network. But you should have a strong background in particle physics research OR statistics, and a clear motivation to pursue a study of advanced techniques for multi-variate analysis.

There are eight institutions who can hire you in the network: CERN, Oxford University, Université Catholique de Louvain, LIP (a particle physics lab in Lisbon), IASA (a research center in Athens), INFN (the Italian Institute of research in Nuclear Physics, in Padova), the University of Padova, or the University Blaise Pascal of Clermont-Ferrand. The salary is almost exactly the same everywhere (small variations are due to cost of living in the various states), and it is quite good (better than mine anyway).

And what will you be doing if we hire you ? Well, for three years you will analyze the data from the LHC using the most advanced machine learning technologies on the market. You will develop some, actually. And you will learn to do so by participating in schools and workshops (at least eight in the three years), by spending time in secondment at partner companies interested in statistical learning (among them Yandex and MathWorks, plus consulting firms in Italy or Belgium), by advancing your knowledge of Statistics in Lausanne or Padova, and by spending two months or more at CERN.

For more information just ping me, or wait for more formal announcements by the institutions that will soon be opening their hiring. The positions will typically start in the fall of 2015, but some of them will open up a bit later, in the middle of 2016. Ah - and, if you have twitter, you should start following the hashtag #AMVA4NP . See you around!