Apologizing for a hiatus due to vacations, I am posting today a tentative logo of the Marie-Curie network I am coordinating, AMVA4NewPhysics. A brief explanation of the symbols at the basis of the logo is given below, in order for you to propose changes or even help by offering different ideas (and if you're a graphic designer, then maybe you consider producing a better one for us ?).
So, the network aims at using multi-variate analysis tools - what is often called "machine learning", or "statistical learning" methods - for searches of new physics at the LHC. There is thus a component that must be conveyed in the logo, the "machine" part, and I thought of a gearwheel (the pink sector on the top left). The color of the wheel also symbolizes a strong female component in the network (three of our PI's are women, as is the chair of the Supervisory Board). 

Another focus is of course going for new physics. We hope some new physics does exist, hence the backwards "E" in "NEW", the math symbol for existence.

The part of the symbol not taken up by the pink wheel represents a particle collision as seen in one of our LHC detectors. This of course is a very important symbol - we will analyze the LHC run 2 data in the next few years with the MVA tools we develop.

So, here is the tentative logo that results for a morning of work today with a program called "xfig", which is open source on linux. Suggestions welcome!