My real life has swamped my online one recently, and so I failed to note that the 16th Carnival of Evolution is up at the excellent blog Pleiotropy. Bjørn has managed to collect 50,228 words of blogging about evolution, covering the human brain, man-eating birds, child-eating eagles, sperm wars, evolving views on selfish genes, true sexual reproduction for same-sex couples, and much more.

If that's not enough for you, the latest archaeology blogging feast, Four Stone Hearth, is up at A Place Odyssey. This edition includes writing on Stonehenge, how creationism can be attributed to a lack of understanding of Star Trek, shrews and British prehistory, and more.

While we're on the subject of blog carnivals, I've managed to score the next Carnival of Evolution - the Origin of Species 150th anniverasy edition, on November 1st. The writing in each issue is great, but this anniversary issue will be an excuse to indulge in some sesquicentennial fun.

So get writing and submit your posts. (For more info, check out the carnival page.)

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