The journal Evolution: Education and Outreach is coming out with an issue devoted to the evolution of the eye, and some of the articles are already online.

This journal is non-technical, aimed at both teachers and interested science readers, so you don't have to be a biologist to make sense of these articles. Among the pieces is one by science writer Carl Zimmer, who articles are always worth a read. And be sure to take a look at Ryan Gregory's intro to the special issue.

The TOC so far:

1. Early Evolution of the Vertebrate Eye—Fossil Evidence

2. Evolution of Insect Eyes: Tales of Ancient Heritage, Deconstruction, Reconstruction, Remodeling, and Recycling

3. The Evolution of Extraordinary Eyes: The Cases of Flatfishes and Stalk-eyed Flies

4. Jay Hosler, An Evolutionary Novelty: Optical Allusions

5. The Evolution of Complex Organs

6. Building Stone Treasure Troves

7. Introduction by T. Ryan Gregory

8. The Causes and Consequences of Color Vision

9. The Origin of the Vertebrate Eye

10. Misconceptions About the Evolution of Complexity