All media, bloggers and so on, do take note! Do not disregard the following, only in rather rational societies completely inconsequential bit of news: After being sought for a decade, one religious old bigot that was involved somehow somewhere in the history of justifying several wars or something, has apparently died. No, the name is not “Bush”; the name is “Osama Bin Laden”.

In order to maximize site-hits, now is the time to put “Osama Bin Laden”, (that is “Osama” with an “s”, not “Obama”, which has a “b”) into headlines, regardless whether you are on a science site or some place else. Any excuse will do – PCR, electrons, junk DNA and evolution, anything at all!

This may all not make sense to you, but nevertheless, primates inside the US are as we speak hysterical about the fact that their military is now finally up to snuff and can kill some dirty fool with a long beard who liked to eat rotten goat cheese on moldy bread.

Especially if you are outside of the US and interested in science, you may likely be confused about this news. Please keep in mind that the US is under the influence of Christianity, thus the killing of people leading to joy is not at all seen in anyway as somehow ethically questionable.

Confidence is at an all high and stocks are rallying. This implies that they do not at present feel like needing jobs or proper health care. No other issues are of any importance, so please write articles accordingly, reflecting the new reality of that everything is now about “Osama” for at least a few days.

Due to the way the old man succumbed, he will live on as a martyr in the hearts of millions all over the world, so for this reason alone, you should put his name into your headlines today.

Moreover, although it is just some bearded fool somewhere in the desert and you may think that actually nothing happened, please do not underestimate the strong irrationality of primates under the influence of Christianity combined with the control of a two party system rigged by forces who greatly prosper from such. Killing an old man can under these circumstances count as a great success that in this case increased national pride and confidence sky-high, believe it or not! Be warned and please be careful, as US citizens may be more obnoxious than usual in the coming weeks.

There is no need to be overly concerned about this news. Meanwhile in China, people are busy taking over the world regardless. Their politicians are tirelessly engaged in careful diplomacy rather than starting one war after another, creating a tight web of contacts with emerging economies in Africa, South America, and the whole of Asia.