For several years I felt the desire to give readers a positive message around this time of year, as it is the most depressive for many. Alas, as you can tell from my writing ever less, I have little to say. Mostly because I understand now that my writing is too difficult and dark. I actually kept writing much, enough for a hundred good posts, but I keep revising, unable to let the light I seem to be seeing shine through the words. So I will just take the opportunity and use three sentences to let some of you who care about me know that I am reasonably well and writing books, and that I am very happy indeed these days to have had another breakthrough, basically the completion of the metaphysical derivation of relativistic quantum physics, perhaps the most happy moment of my life much like Einstein had his most happy moment when he discovered the core of general relativity via his elevator thought experiment. I am even happier than when, after being puzzled for two decades, I resolved the EPR paradox by understanding the nature of quantum apparent non-locality. Ironically, perhaps because I am also happy about that still nobody cares about my previous results, because they guide to what I discovered now and desired to know since childhood: Why relativity? I now know! The field is rich and yet it is still all mine, no competition. I have the fortune to leisurely advance. And that is nice, because metaphysics is nothing if it is not helpful to, and compared to, addressing suffering.


That is why I present “Enlightenment Finding Eternity in the Now” as my season’s message. These words seem to bring some light, perhaps as well as I will ever be able to accomplish. And if not, it is still worth trying. I gladly accept to thereby make many or even most especially in the sciencey blogosphere think that I have lost my last screw and certainly can count no longer as a scientist – to hell with it for the joy of perhaps making a single soul share the light.