This just to report progress on the Quantum Randi Challenge. It has changed a lot, so please have a look to see whether you think it is now attractive enough for you to help “internetizing” it, which is still highly desired.

The novelties:

1) The name changed to “Quantum Randi Challenge” because there is a surprising number of scientists out there who have their heads shoved deeply up … ok, forget it, whatever, pffft. (It is exactly this kind of PC “professionalism” that lets crackpots undermine science and academia in the first place, but whatever.)

2) A test of whether the anti-correlation is expected from quantum physical predictions is better than giving “detection loophole” conspiracy theories a platform and confusing lay people with the CHSH inequality (which is with some hidden variables as often violated as Bell).

3) The Bell inequality is the same if you write it the way I did it but instead turn every 1 into a zero and vice versa inside the (A,B) expression. This means not only that one can add these two versions to make the inequality much less likely to be violated by pure fluke. Moreover, the code is half as long that way!

4) The aim to reach as many people as possible has reduced the number of trials down from 8000 to 800 instead. 800 – no more – no less – that’s the new rules! It allows to grasp the Bell proof easier and to write the internet version so that Alice and Bob can easily write down a few sample numbers on paper to check whether all is OK; a table of only 800 lines can easily be scrolled through and sample lines be checked. Such possibility of participation should make it attractive as an internet game, which is important for the Randi-type quality of the QRC.

5) Modularity has improved – I hope it is now more attractive for programmers who may be interested to help us turning the QRC into an internet application, say via Java using XML. I like to thank David at this opportunity, who has contributed many suggestions especially about the importance of modularization.

6) The .nb mathematica notebook is now downloadable on the page.

7) An example that violates Bell (and the CHSH) often has now been provided.