Damon Linker at theweek.com laments yet another new atheist manifesto, this time by British “philosopher” Grayling with his forthcoming book “The God Argument”.  Damon is looking for me it seems, the title of his article asking:  Where are the honest atheists?


Damon’s article hits on many big names to get attention and fill volume; the gist is:


1) New atheists do not admit that illusions are fundamental to human wellbeing.

2) They again and again and over again write just the stuff that sells well in order to sell well.


Damon is correct and correct, and he even mentions the connection between these two at some point rather too late:


“That godlessness might be both true and terrible is something that the new atheists refuse to entertain, no doubt in part because they want to sell books — and greeting cards do a brisk business.”


In my view, honest thinkers admit that after sufficient dis-illusioning, any jumping to the support of other dogmas is a sell-out.  The frustration of our desire to have fundamental certainty and meaning, the insight of that such is always illusion, and the unavoidable suffering without hope are all real, though little else is real but the absurdity of it all.  However, if you want to sell books or make it in academia, you cannot admit such.  You must sell out to the democratic doctrine in power.  It is politically correct to demand “freedom of XYZ” (here gods), while hiding that you replace XYZ with something that has the same functions, but is in your own interest instead.  New atheists want ill-defined humanism stabilized by naïve scientism, because they are the priests and Jesuits belonging to that modern cult.  Honest thinkers are not as naïve as it takes to support such gods without strong misgivings.


How should we answer “Where are the honest atheists?”  Damon, the honest atheists are honest, meaning they tell their contemporaries the very parts not well received, what you do not want to hear, and that may be why you find them only in the past among the old atheists, which you so dearly miss.  On one hand, you don’t hear from the honest ones, because they are selected out of the publishing process, regardless academia or homogenizing internet or wherever.  But then there is also the power this has not only over you but through you and what you write.  Let’s review what you wrote lately and list the current honest atheists you made a topic:  Nothing but your article that very prominently promotes the book of a new atheist – in fact, that is the biggest thing on your whole article!  A troll who thinks you may actually get paid for this.


Well, I won’t search no further.  Surely, if you knew an honest atheist, you would have mentioned her and linked and anyways not asked “Where are the honest atheists?”, thus let me just tell you where there is one (see his links to honest articles related to atheism below):  Hellooooo, over here, hi there!


Not interested?  I didn’t think so.  Never mind.  Because, actually Damon knows the one honest guy around.  He tells you so as the very first item on his own webpage:

“Damon Linker is one of the most arresting and honest writers of his generation on the subjects of faith and politics.”


Ohhhh – and he sells books!  What a surprise, Damon, what a surprise, I am speechless.