Science has the power to enlighten, create and heal.  Science has helped decode the mysteries that surrounds us and translate that knowledge into objects are useful and possess a great amount of utility.  There is a darker side to all this. To quote one of the creators of the atomic bomb, Robert Oppenheimer, "I am become death. Destroyer of worlds."  Science is as useful tool to enlighten as it is to destroy. Science and war are often inseparably enterprises.

Both science and war are guided by inter related paradigms. A paradigm is the culmination and expression of that particular time period and context. Discoveries in science affect how war is fought and how war fought affects what is researched and created by scientists and engineers. Part of the paradigm are the ethical and legal implications of science and war.  Just because we have a powerful weapon does it mean we use? Further, how do we use and are there particular circumstances which use is appropriate?  

Thus the basic premise of my blog is to write about science at war focusing on concepts like Just War doctrine, shifting paradigms in war, and the legal/ethical implications of science at war.