The government of China has funded and opened a pipeline going from Turkmenistan to Xinjiang province in China.  The pipeline is set to provide, "40 billion cubic meters of gas for 30 years once the line reaches full capacity."

This is interesting as China is building an energy infrastructure that lowers the EU's ability to access gas, by pass Russia, and revive the Silk Road trade routes. This much is stated in the article. 

China's building of energy infrastructure in the Central Asian Republics (CARs) that move gas from west to east (CAR to China) and Russia's pipeline infrastructure going from east to west (Russia to Eastern Europe then to Western Europe) have combined to make an interesting control mechanism by shutting out the United States and EU from accessing CAR's resources and at the same time controlling, funneling, and dividing that access among themselves (Russia and China). 

I wonder how the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan has affected this infrastructure control strategy?