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How Maggots Got Back Into Mainstream Medicine

By the time Michelle Marineau saw her patient, James*, there was little she could do to help him...

Fasting Mimicking Diet Diet Claims To Slow Aging, While This Genetic Mutation Does

With the help of a small stool, Mercy Carrion clambers onto an examination table. The obese 50...

Eat To Treat: Can You Use Food As Medicine For A Specific Disease?

“What if you could cure all your health problems and lose 10 pounds in just 7 days? That’s...

The Calorie Is Broken - And That's Why Dieting Doesn't Always Work

Bo Nash is 38. He lives in Arlington, Texas, where he’s a technology director for a textbook...

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At first my meal seems familiar, like countless other dishes I’ve eaten at Asian restaurants. A swirl of noodles slicked with oil and studded with shredded chicken, the aroma of ginger and garlic, a few wilting chives placed on the plate as a final flourish. And then, I notice the eyes. Dark, compound orbs on a yellow speckled head, joined to a winged, segmented body. I hadn’t spotted them right away, but suddenly I see them everywhere – my noodles are teeming with insects.

Ghana has plenty of water. So why do its people buy plastic pouches from street vendors? Shaun Raviv investigates.