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Thermo-Pimp Your Home: Save On Heating & Cooling Costs With Thermodynamics

A smart scientist is a frugal scientist. The Frugal Scientist is a series of articles focusing...

Dreamachines, Hallucinations, Charles Bonnet Syndrome & The 50 Year Old Question Hodological Science Answered

BEATNIKS   &   DREAMACHINESAlmost fifty years ago, the beat poet Brion Gysin (1916 - 1986)...

Hallucinations & Brion Gysin's Dreamachine

For those of you who are interested in Brion Gysin's Dreamachine, the following was borrowed from...

Lower Risk Of Breast Cancer? Migraine's Silver Lining

The first time I experienced migraine with aura, I was shopping. I remember looking up at the fluorescent...

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Jen Palmares Meadows has a Masters Degree in English from California State University, Sacramento.

In her free time, Jen enjoys terrorizing her cat and watching Star Trek Voyager.

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Recently I was lounging at an on campus coffee shop, melting into a plastic chair, tired around my eyes, and grimacing at the ache in my arms that I was convinced signified the flu. Only three weeks into the semester, and already brain matter regenerated over the summer was turning into mush.

This summer, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration is celebrating its 50th anniversary. Take this quiz to find find out how NASA knowledgeable you really are.

You consider yourself a staunch supporter of space travel. As a child, you spent many a day lying under your mother's dining room table, pushing imaginary overhead buttons in your very own spaceship. When Apollo 13 opened in movie theaters, you spent all 140 excruciating minutes questioning its historic accuracy while your date slumped over snoozing. You even know that Starfleet Headquarters is located in San Francisco.

But how much do you really know about NASA, the US agency that's been pushing to explore that final frontier for the last fifty years?

It drives me mad when I hear a guy complain that he eats and eats but can’t gain weight, and that he resorts to drinking protein shakes to “bulk up.” [Insert world’s smallest violin playing here.] Excuse me? Did I hear him right? He gorges himself when I’ve sworn off pasta, meat, birthday cake--my only nutritional intake: a bottle of water and a carrot stick between classes, all so I can decrease my bulk?

Argh. But really, Pfizer (and those men) take the cake even when it comes to Lipitor.