It's summertime, so Scientific Blogging is hosting a worldwide "Blog About Science" event for the science writing community.   Making money writing about science beats getting a job.  In June, July and August we will pay $300 to the best science article we receive.    You can make a little money but also get exposure to a million people who may not have discovered your work yet.    We'll solicit submissions during the month and then publish them during the last week.

The rules are simple:

Submissions must be at least 500 words.

Submissions must contain a bio of the author.   If you write on your own site, it should include links to that but it can also include links to books, papers, etc.  The bio will be published with the article so they can follow it to your other works.

Submissions won't be published if they are primarily links to other articles.  We want to get smarter  by reading the article and not have to bounce all over the place.    References and notes are a different matter, we just don't want people trying to linkjack our audience.  They also can't be podcasts or videos.  

Submissions won't be published if they are not science related.

The audience will determine the winner.  The winning article gets $300 via Paypal  (or also by check, in the US).

If we don't get anything worth publishing, we won't have a contest that month.   

You retain copyright on all your work and we only have the right to publish it for this contest.   Don't try to get too clever and throw in a bunch of your own legal terms.   We won't publish it.  Terms and FAQ, if you have any questions on that but most of our writers have books and write in other places so we make sure everyone keeps their copyright unless we specifically commission an article as work-for-hire.

Send submissions to contest at

You can always leave a comment below as well.