This is my last post of my blog.

I have decided to totally quit my blogging activities after the last incident. My participation in the scientific collaborations CDF and CMS has always been a problem, since whenever I discussed a topic here even mildly related to their business there was the potential of receiving heat from those colleagues of mine who believe that the scientific integrity of the experiment can be harmed by a blog post, or who imagine that grant reviewers be influenced by what is written by a collaborator in a private blog.

If I look back at these six years of blogging, I can see that in the beginning life was much easier, but trouble arrived once two things happened: 1 - my blog became visible, i.e. popular, and journalists started to pick from it and call me for information; 2 - I started to write more about the physics results of the experiments. There has been a string of incidents in the past, which caused spokespersons to take action against me, colleagues to insult me publically and privately, and a series of other less than pleasant outcomes. But I tried to resist and dodge the bullets.

For a while it worked, although in the more recent past I was finding myself re-reading two or three times every post before publishing it, to check whether I was breaking the "blogging rules" of the CDF and CMS experiment in any way. I was applying a self-censoring policy. This by itself should have made me quit, but stronger events have taken the decision off my hands.

By the way, you should note that the blogging rules of CDF and CMS are the result of my activities ! (ok, this sounds a bit overstated, but it is actually a good representation of matters).

After the last incident, I am forced to leave the scene. I can unfortunately disclose no more detail on this - as I said, I am not a blogger any more. Sorry, Hank.

So with my last lines let me thank all of you who have followed this blog and contributed to its growth by visiting often and commenting in the thread. By now there are other good experimental physics blogs out there, so I do not think I will be missed after all.