Friday, October 16, 2009

Consciousness and the brain - my response to you tube's "Quantum Phyics" welcome to the martrix

Bill A Peoples October 16 at 4:08pm


Max Planck was genious but his premise was a falsified form of logic. He said himeslf that all matter is held together by a force therefore one must "assume" there is a consiousness or intelligent mind behind everything. that is an assumption that is not supported by any provable, tangeable or even mathematical theroy or possabilty. I believe the jump to find a direct correlation from what we have learned about quantum mechanics and our abilty to create our own reality is a leap of faith and not science. There is no need to make such a leap. The philosophy of creating ones own reality is an acient one and independant of physics. This by NO means takes away the usefulness of each endevour. The reason people are trying to correlate these vastly different institution is based on our need to feel secure. Again it goes back to our genetic predispositon to answer who we are, why we are her and whre we are going. This feels a void that only a conscience being like ourseleves experiences. We can not imagine what it was like before we were born. But this does not bother us but rather what happens after we die does concern us. We are wired to survive and not to simply vanish after mortal death. At lease our Brains drive us this way. In a way we have no choice than to construct ideas of life after death. Curiously this is a good foundation to argue the lack of free will as it pertains to these issues of immortality. Each of us has a more intense or different level of conviction to answer these questions simply because we are all slightly different and no two human are 100% alike.