The Beauty of Justice

Some celebrities use their status to promote the most idiotic ideas. Fortunately, there are many more, who use that status to help make the world a better place.   In the UK, many TV stars and presenters make an annual contribution to the Children in Need charity.

What some people will do for charity is absolutely fabulous! Not content with this, our avenging heroine, has fought for the rights of Ghurka soldiers. For some years now, British newspapers have reported the way our government has treated the Ghurkas when the drums have stopped beating.

A soldier who has proven willing to die for a country deserves that country's full respect, admiration and generosity. To deny right of residence to a V.C. winning hero on the grounds that he "failed to demonstrate strong ties with the UK" is about as slimy as any bureaucrat or politician can get. Even a militant pacifist might agree with that.

The Ghurkas have a long history of service to Britain. They rank high amongst a special elite of soldiery. It was said that they were so swift and stealthy that an enemy soldier could only know that they had passed by in the night when he got out of bed - and left his head on the pillow.

Joanna Lumley has campaigned consistently and persistently for the rights of Ghurkas. Finally, the British government has caved in. They had no real defence against such an attack. It is fun to see grown men turn into blushing schoolboys in the presence of one of England's best loved roses. In the final analysis, economics and rhetoric are no match for a flutter of eyelashes.

The Gurkha policy was announced first,
 as our updated constitution demands,
 to Joanna Lumley in person by the Prime Minister.