Marc Morano - Global Superhero

In one of the most philanthropic gestures ever from a mere political journo-lobbyist, Marc Morano has taken upon his own shoulders the entire burden of global climate change.

Marc_Morano does not think global warming is anything to worry about.  He is utterly convinced that it is the greatest scam in history, a fraud, a pack of lies, etc. etc.

So convinced is he of THE TRUTH that he has made a most astounding offer.  Entirely of his own volition he has taken on the entire financial burden of damages payable to the world at large's children and grandchildren should he prove to be wrong.

Marc Morano made that offer on his own website - - and in his own name.  He was responding to a speech by Prime Minister Kevin Rudd of Australia given on 6 Nov 2009.

In a speech to the Lowy Institute today Mr Rudd launched a strongly worded attack on the Opposition and climate change sceptics worldwide for holding up countries' efforts to combat climate change.

"It is time to be totally blunt about the agenda of the climate change sceptics in all their colours, some more sophisticated than others," he said.

"It is to destroy the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme at home and it is to destroy agreed global action on climate change abroad.

"And our children's fate - our grandchildren's fate - will lie entirely with them. It is time to remove any polite veneer from this debate; the stakes are that high.


Marc Moreno's response to PM Kevin Rudd was to most generously take upon himself the entire financial burden of global warming - thus removing once and for all the biggest barrier to climate change action: taxes.

Rudd Claim: Our “children's fate – and our grandchildren's fate – will lie entirely with [skeptics' opposition].

Climate Depot Response: Nice maudlin touch, Mr. Rudd. The fact is children are probably the only ones left that you and your climate fear promoting friends can convince that a climate catastrophe is just around the corner and you and your colleagues are their saviors. You are in luck, Mr. Rudd. Climate Depot takes full responsibility for the fate of your children and grandchildren from any future man-made climate catastrophe. Climate Depot can and will gladly take public responsibility for the children and future grandchildren of our planet for “doing nothing” about climate. So there, problem solved.

Now, it is one thing for Marc Morano to make such a generous offer.  Having the finances to back up that offer is quite another thing, and this concerns me somewhat.

The global insurance business is quite concerned about the probable effects of global warming and concomitant climate change.  Munich RE was at the forefront of underwriters researching global warming and its effect.  Despite current concerns about global warming, Munich RE is not raising its premiums.

There you are, Marc: an underwriter offering favorable terms.  Now you can underwrite your risk and lodge a bond with the courts, turning your pledge into a cast iron guarantee.  Of course, you will need quite a few dollars - a lot more in fact than your earnings  from writing about climate change in a manner entirely favorable to your sponsors and to hell with the science.

I have to say, Marc, that I am just a tiny bit sceptical about your ability to cough up come payday.  And payday sure is coming, deny it all you wish.  Yes, sir!  When millions are starving because their best agricultural land is underwater, there will come a knocking on your door louder than all the clappers of all the bells of hell.

That will be the queue of climate refugees coming to you with court orders requiring you to put your money where your mouth is.

On that day, it will be too late to say that it was a mere_puff.

Of course, Marc, you could avoid such future hassles and live peacably in your remote, well-stocked mountain hideaway secure from court orders requiring you to cough up.

All you need do is admit here and now that you were merely making like a melting glacier and running off at the mouth.


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