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How does cancer actually kill you?

Cancer is scary, right?One of the reasons that cancer is so viscerally frightening is that it is...

What is Governor Rick Perry really like? A scientist's perspective on my meeting with him

On Monday I did something that up until a few weeks ago I would have thought nearly impossible...

Beware the data thieves: paranoia meets reality

Could someone be stealing your unpublished data?It is more likely than you might think, especially...

I Had Cancer And Wonder If Stem Cells Were To Blame

I confess.I had cancer. And stem cells might be to blame!At the relatively young age of 42, I was...

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Frog with tail
I confess.

I'm jealous of frogs, lizards and salamanders.


Because of their stem cells and transdifferentiation potential.

Compared to them, us humans are pathetic in terms of our ability to heal ourselves, regenerate body structures, and change our bodies.

I was out taking a hike here in Yolo County today along Putah Creek.  In the last two weeks the place has been literally crawling and hopping with critters including lizards and frogs. Baby frogs and grown up frogs.