Do you rely on autocorrect? I often do, not because I can't spell but because I am not a typist yet look at the screen when I write, rather than the keyboard. Autocorrect is my friend because before I publish it will catch a lot. 

That doesn't mean I misspell words or have poor grammar, it means my giant fingers do poorly on tiny keyboards. Yet a lot of people do misspell words and lack confidence in grammar, as evidenced by an analysis of search terms. People in New York want to make sure they spell "jewelry" correctly Denver wants to make sure "bougie" is not ironically misspelled.

How "bougie" is Denver that people use it so much they worry they are spelling it properly? Denver is 80% Democrats, are they even allowed to say "bougie"? Do those rich white people even know what it means, or do they just say it to be cool, like when they yell "church!" upon hearing a point they like?

To coastal elites, these are flyover states made up of dumb Capitol-Hill rioting-hillbillies unless a politician is running for office, and then it is "the heartland" - at least until they get the Electoral College disbanded and 45 states become irrelevant in elections. Maybe that is what the Kansas-Colorado corridor is ornery about.

As far as baffling grammar, 97% think people should know the difference between "its" and "it's" but since that is a top 5 mistake people make, it is clear we think its only important for others. 

See what I just did there?? I hope autocorrect catches it.