WILMINGTON, Delaware, July 29 /PRNewswire/ --

- New Software Features Advanced Technology Targeting Writing Difficulties Like Dyslexia

WILMINGTON, Delaware, July 29 /PRNewswire/ --

WhiteSmoke, leader in English writing technologies, announces a new tool designed specifically for people with writing difficulties - WhiteSmoke Writing Assistant. Those with family and friends with dyslexia and other writing difficulties know how hard it can be to write an email, letter, or essay without errors. WhiteSmoke Writing Assistant is the ultimate tool for these struggling writers, helping produce readable and error-free texts at home and at the workplace.

World-Leading Technology for Struggling Writers

With WhiteSmoke 2009, we already have a strong presence in the market for English writing technologies, states Hilla Ovil-Brenner, WhiteSmoke CEO. Our technologies bring world-class grammar, style, and spell checking to any user. However, over the years we have gathered a lot of requests for a tool that specifically aids people with dyslexia and other writing difficulties. WhiteSmoke 2009's contextual spell checker is advanced, but doesn't always cover the ground required for these writing difficulties. The new WhiteSmoke Writing Assistant allows people with learning difficulties to produce error-free texts of unprecedented accuracy, bringing confidence to their written communications.

WhiteSmoke Writing Assistant has several pricing options. A subscription service is offered at $20 per month, or $129 yearly. A bundle package is also available, combining WhiteSmoke Writing Assistant with WhiteSmoke 2009, the professional writing solution for full grammar checking, style checking, and more. The bundle offers the greatest suite of writing tools for struggling writers - Writing Assistant to fix serious spelling errors, and WhiteSmoke 2009 to correct and enhance the overall text.

Features of WhiteSmoke Writing Assistant

WhiteSmoke Writing Assistant features a streamlined interface that enables to user to quickly correct spelling in a text. A range of possible word choices are given, arranged according to the probability of a word being the correct word. Once the user has finished correcting the text, a simple click sends it back to the original application.

The Facts about Dyslexia

WhiteSmoke Writing Assistant fills a real need for people with reading and writing difficulties. According to the National Institutes of Health in the USA, anywhere from 2% to 15% of the entire US population has dyslexia. Dyslexia is considered the most common cause of English reading, writing, and spelling difficulties in children and adults alike. Unfortunately, common spell checkers are incapable of correcting spelling errors made by dyslexics, being more suited to typos where the misspelled word bears strong resemblance to the correct word.

An example sentence from a dyslexic person:

awnly onse I sod axin him fer kawfee

Normal spell checkers cannot understand the relationship between the words as they are spelled, and the words that the writer is trying to use. WhiteSmoke Writing Assistant can, correcting the sentence to:

only once I said asking him for coffee


The first launch of WhiteSmoke Writing Assistant is as a free online service, states Amit Greener, VP Marketing at WhiteSmoke. However, we want to get this product out there to the people who need it in as many ways as possible. Within a month, a full desktop version will also be available with additional features.

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About WhiteSmoke

WhiteSmoke is a world-leading company in the field of English writing technologies, with products that enhance and correct grammar, spelling, and writing style. As well as a desktop application, WhiteSmoke makes its technologies available through various channels, such as a browser-based text editor, and specialized OEM versions designed for integration with 3rd party service providers.

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Contact: Amit Greener, VP Marketing Tel: +1-8778151535 marketing@whitesmoke.com

SOURCE: WhiteSmoke Inc

Contact: Amit Greener, VP Marketing, Tel: +1-8778151535, marketing@whitesmoke.com.