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- Improved Usability, New Style Checking Features, and Updates to the Grammar Checker Give Users a Complete Writing Solution

WhiteSmoke announces the immediate availability of WhiteSmoke 2009, the latest version of its desktop English writing application. WhiteSmoke 2009 is the premier writing tool for people who need quality written text, offering advanced grammar checking, style checking, and spell checking.

"WhiteSmoke 2009 brings our writing technologies to a new level of sophistication," claims Hilla Ovil-Brenner, WhiteSmoke CEO. "As a result of over 6 months of intensive user testing, we have made important changes to the interface to enhance usability, and incorporated many new algorithms to address writing style issues. WhiteSmoke 2009 is a mature product for accurate proofreading and editing, whether you are a blogger, an at-home writer, or a corporate professional."


WhiteSmoke 2009 introduces a new GUI with an improved workflow. Central to the new design is the presentation of WhiteSmoke's suggestions and corrections. Replacing the pop-up menus of WhiteSmoke 2008, the user now receives corrections and suggestions in-line with the text, just like when a text is edited and proofread manually."Our beta group is very pleased with this new development, which brings a more organic and 'real life' feel to the writing and editing experience," notes Liran Brenner, VP R&D at WhiteSmoke .

Style Checker

WhiteSmoke 2009 introduces a new collection of style checking features. The WhiteSmoke Style Checker includes WhiteSmoke's patented Text Enrichment, as well as a range of new features that address overall writing style. Users will be notified of incomplete sentences, use of slang and IM speak, and informal sentence structures. These additional style checking features consolidate the WhiteSmoke mission of creating an "all-in-one" writing tool.

Grammar Checker

WhiteSmoke 2009 introduces new grammar algorithms and updates to existing algorithms. Key new detections include confusions between countable and non-countable nouns (much/many, less/fewer), comparative/superlative mismatches (more nicer, less nicest), and recognition of run-on sentences. Updates to existing grammar algorithms have further improved the precision of WhiteSmoke's corrections over a wider variety of possible sentence constructions.

WhiteSmoke 2009 - An English Writing Tool with Wide Appeal

"WhiteSmoke 2009 represents the next step in the evolution of software to correct and enhance English writing," states Amit Greener, VP Marketing at WhiteSmoke. "With WhiteSmoke 2009, anyone who writes in English has a comprehensive and intuitive tool to aid written communication, a tool that easily integrates with a user's existing applications and preferred methods of working."


About WhiteSmoke

WhiteSmoke is a world-leading company in the field of English writing technologies, with a focus on products that enhance and correct grammar, spelling, and writing style. In 2006, Business 2.0 ranked WhiteSmoke 5th out of its "31 Best Business Ideas in the World".

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Contact Amit Greener, VP Marketing +972-548-138-873 marketing@whitesmoke.com

Contact: Amit Greener, VP Marketing, +972-548-138-873, marketing@whitesmoke.com