It may surprise you to read that once upon a time that nearly half of the scientists who paid to be part of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) were religious. 

It doesn't surprise me, the only thing that surprises me is when a Young Earth Creationist becomes an evolutionary biologist and sues for being fired for not wanting to study evolution, but even that happened once. It may be that scientists who go to church have left the AAAS fold just like the 40 percent of Republicans fled California when the state redistricted them into 20 percent of Congressional seats. Because the Editor-In-Chief of Science,  H. Holden Thorp, has launched such a bigoted salvo in the culture war that he makes former AAAS head John Holdren - a guy who wrote a book advocating forced sterilization and mandatory abortion - look mainstream.

He starts off blaming Reagan, which is the kind of thing old lefties love to do, because they don't understand that Reagan was arguably the most pro-science President in American history. Reagan is the reason Science is still in print, because he mandated that he was going to boost federal funding a lot, and he wanted a way to create accountability, and his team settled on peer-reviewed journals.

He looks exactly like black Democrats being told they are stupid for going to church expect him to look. Credit: AAAS/Csmeron Davidson

It gets weirder from there. He claims Republicans are racist and deny climate change, so we have to hope he was drunk while dreaming it all up. Democrats literally seceded from the United States because they wanted to keep slaves. A Democrat shot the Republican who freed them. All of the members of Congress thrown out as traitors were Democrats. All of the Jim Crow laws that followed the Civil War were created by Democrats. All of the players who refused to play baseball with Jackie Robinson were Democrats. They had a literal KKK member as their Presidential nomination front-runner in 1972, he leaves that out when he mentions George Wallace, and the last member of Congress who'd been in the KKK only died in 2010. A proud Democrat, of course.

What other prejudices do "liberals" have? Agriculture - denied by liberals in overwhelming fashion, you find a Whole Foods and you find a county that votes Democrat. Vaccines, for 20 straight years one Democratic state, California, had more vaccine exemptions in coastal cities than the rest of the US combined. Nuclear energy - Democrats hate it, and they got President Clinton to run it into the grave, which is the only reason we have the emissions problem we have now.
Support for climate science has been steadily undermined by politicians catering to businesses dependent on fossil fuels and by religious conservatives suspicious of science because it argues for evolution. 

What? First, how many lives have been lost because more Republicans deny climate change? Zero. Just as many as have died eating GMO foods that Democrats tried to put nationwide warning labels on. Who took a rifle and shot a hole through global warming legislation as part of a campaign commercial? A Democrat.

Second, he counts evolution as a big sticking point while not mentioning the obvious; the difference between the left and right on that is only 9 percentage points, but among Democrats the absolute leading demographic who deny evolution are African-Americans. Including Senator Barack Obama in 2008, when he suggested vaccines might cause autism and would not allow any questions about evolution.

Let's see this White Boomer tell African-Americans in his party how stupid they are for denying evolution.

Well, he won't. He may have to see people of color in the halls while he knows he has never willingly hired a Republican, so they are safe targets for lazy pseudo-intellectuals.

People may ask Dr. Sudip Parikh to hold his employee accountable for his prejudice and bringing down the whole organization, but we should instead expect the tired excuse; the same 'freedom' progressives use to defend anti-Semitism in their ranks. But you can try contacting his assistant: email or +1-202-326-6641.