If you have never played "League of Legends" - and most of you have not - you might think you'll have little interest in (1) a cartoon about (2) said video game, but that may not be true. In fact, the game may continue not to interest you (1)  but the series could be the first in a long line of must-watch programs if this quality continues.

Without spoiling the plot, it opens with a simple montage that tells a compelling story without a lot of needless exposition (we mean you, "Eternals") and draws you in. A kid, and then two kids, and some guy who is clearly the bad guy killing a bunch of people before he sees a crying child and throws down his weapons and carries them off.

It's not only more than that, it isn't the story at all, but it's now a prequel I want to watch, and it gives you an idea of the kind of thought and quality and real-world complexity that has gone into the plotting of this. 

Your only disappointment will be that they only dropped the first three episodes and you'll have to wait to see what happens after a pretty compelling twist in episode three.

Science 2.0 rating: 4 Bloggys

(1) Before the live streaming Twitch service existed, I called them "twitch" games, because it needed a skill set I neither have nor have an interest in developing. It's basically just a shooter.