Since 1981, the beef industry had reduced emission intensity by 14 percent and reduced emissions due to land use change by 42 percent, yet in Australia, as in other developed countries, activists have done with emissions what they did with low-fat diets: Exaggerated a problem that does not exist to get money advocating for a solution that won't make any difference.

Australians seem to be willing to stand up for reason at a time when American (and British) journalists are more interested in evangelizing claims by their political allies.

Australia's Emissions Reduction Minister Angus Taylor said the government would not be pushing for a change in the national diet. "We're not going to tell people what they should be eating," Australia's Emissions Reduction Minister Angus Taylor told the ABC.

A country where government lets its citizens decide what to eat rather than burdening poor people with shame and sin taxes on food that lobbyists have declared the loser? I'd like to go there.