You may not drive 250 miles back and forth to work but you may drive 125 on a trip, and that could be all you are getting in an electric vehicle when it is cold. Electric car efficiency plummets below moderate temperature, 40 percent or more, but just like government will go after conventional fuel companies who get their emissions wrong, now electric isn't without scrutiny. And they are getting penalties for not being more truthful about their limits.

It's not exactly a Big Tobacco conspiracy, but no one is like Big Tobacco of the 1960s today - not even Big Tobacco. Still, just like Whole Foods will lie in marketing it is assumed that there is massaging of the numbers when it comes to solar energy and electric cars. Reuters cites a 2020 study of electric cars which found that most models had only 54% of their stated range and no one with any critical thinking was surprised. 

Now, South Korea is not having it. The Korea Fair Trade Commission is starting with Tesla, which they say has the biggest drop in cold weather versus marketing at 50 percent - and want $2 million in penalties.