During the Obama administration, government decided the way to reduce climate emissions was not to build nuclear plants or something sure to work, it was to mandate and subsidize...CFL bulbs.

That's right, the fluorescent lights that everyone had hated for decades were now going to be given to everyone at reduced cost - while everyone also paid higher utility bills to pay for the bulbs they didn't want but were told they needed to get because incandescent bulbs were being banned.

It was an idea only government could come up with and think it was smart science or economics.

There are other cases where centralized committees take too long and the world passes them by. Wi-fi was not created by a committee, it was done independently from a committee that took years longer and only gave us...Bluetooth.

Electric cards are mandated by government and subsidized by poor people. Just like CFL bulks were.

If government would get out of the way, we could do better than overpriced, environmentally awful electric vehicles. Today, everyone uses LEDs. They are better in every single way and if you break one, you won't need to put on a haz-mat suit and pray your kids are safe. The way you needed when government said you couldn't use regular light bulbs and made utilities replace with CFLs for free - at a cost of $30 each.