The federal government now mandates and subsidizes electric cars. Like with similar solar panels, ethanol, and compact fluorescent light bulb schemes, science shows it isn't helping anything except the companies getting taxpayer money.

With government providing corporate welfare, companies can cut lower-profit lines, including of electric cars, and focus on the fattest margins. Government funding is so lucrative that Buick dealerships are...plummeting?

Yes they are, they have declined 47 percent this year. The reason is because General Motors is buying out anyone who does not want to 'play ball' and invest heavily, about $400,000 of their own money, in electric car service and support.

You can't even buy this Wildcat EV yet but half of Buck dealers would rather quit than sell it. It's obviously good for those dealers left, if sales stay the same. But if sales will stay the same without half of dealers, why can dealers need government to force Americans to use car dealers at all? It's un-American to say I can shop at a farmer's market for vegetables but not make the second most important purchase of my life without a government-imposed miiddleman who will make it up as much as they possibly can, with no recourse at all.(1)

For dealers in a smaller market, it makes sense to get out. The mandates and subsidies apply to car manufacturers, nothing compels the public to buy from your particular store.

And car dealers hate capitalism.

We are required by law to buy new cars from a dealer, and that is thanks to lobbyists and political donations by new car dealers to use socialism to force people into their buildings - while flying giant American flags and claiming predatory markups during the COVID-19 were just the free market at work.


CLICK IMAGE to see the markups by unethical charlatans using government laws to create wealth for themselves in a way that even socialists feel is too corrupt.