It is common for internet influencers to secretly be lying about their behavior but 'fruit only diet' guru Zhanna Samsonova was actually practicing what she preached. And it killed her at age 39.

She had survived COVID-19, she claimed, thanks to 'dry fasting'- though obviously billions of people survived it on a normal diet, and refused to seek medical treatment while everyone who saw her worried she was dying from malnutrition.

Zhanna Samsonova claims people would tell her they couldn't believe she was approaching 40. Maybe she misunderstood and they thought she was approaching 80.

That is the thing about mental health. Perfection for her was always fewer non-fruits away. Society didn't force that on her, and an 81-year-old women on the cover of "Sports Illustrated" wouldn't have prevented it. 

“I feel like Jesus, who was not recognised for his knowledge and crucified on the cross for bringing knowledge and light to people,” she once wrote. Now she has joined him.