The dirty secret of university admissions in the Affirmative Action era is that it was only affirmative if you matched the preference of the committee creating the secret sauce for admissions. In 2012's "Science Left Behind", written with Dr. Alex Berezow, we noted that Asian students with American last names were told to put Caucasian on the admissions box.

It was so well-known among Asians that being an Asian minority incurred a huge admissions penalty in universities that touted affirmative action that families told young people to deny their heritage. Even white kids had a better chance of getting than Asians.

Unless your family had already gone there. And you had money. Then you had a much better chance. The result was that in elite schools with fat endowments like Harvard, poor white and Asian kids were competing for few spots because rich kids were getting through more easily. It took 11 years after Science Left Behind, by which time the prejudice of university affirmative action was already well-known, and the Supreme Court finally struck down racial bias for hand-selected minorities as unconstitutional.

Some schools that claim to be progressive, Harvard, Berkeley, etc., have insisted they will continue to discriminate in the interests of ending discrimination regardless of the Constitutional rights of all, but eight schools have at least ended legacy admissions - which means their racism will penalize white and Asian families less.

Kudos to University of Virgina, Wesleyan, Virginia Tech, University of Minnesota, Carnegie Mellon University, University of Pittsburgh, Amherst College, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Johns Hopkins University for beginning to level the playing field. Now take the further step of making sure all students who can earn a spot are allowed to do so, regardless of race, creed, or color.