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Organ transplants began in 1954 with a kidney and by 1968 doctors could do hearts, but there was a high compatibility risk - a strong genetic match was needed. Dr. Snell's work on Human Leukocyte Antigen, the genetic foundation of a body's immunological response to tissue and organ transplants which determines whether it accepts an organ or rejects it, became foundational in transplantation immunology.

Thanks to understanding of the histocompatibility system, and that more antigens on the leukocytes they share mean less rejection, the big issue now is availability of organs, not rejection.

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(1) Peace and Economics don't seem too difficult, though. President Obama got the former just for making an inauguration speech as a Democrat and economics just requires finding ways to endorse higher taxes academically, being a failure in actual economics, and waiting. Basically, be former Enron advisor Paul Krugman.