Homeopathic StellaLife Oral Care Products manufactured in 2024 have been recalled due to FDA finding microbial contamination. 

The two placebos by HomeoCare Laboratories with unsage total aerobic microbial counts are the StellaLife Advanced Formula Peppermint Vega Oral Care Rinse and StellaLife Vega Oral Spray, Unflavored.

If they are in your possession, throw them out and change your anti-science ways and never buy a pretend alternative to medicine debunked 200 years ago. If your dentist is the moron who recommends homeopathy, he either thinks you are a moron also, or you should find a new dentist.

Homeopathy is belief in things like that 'water has memory' so if you dilute something down to a part per billion you are still getting the full effect. None of this stuff goes through FDA approval, President Bill Clinton loved this kind of nonsense and exempted it from real FDA oversight as long as they write on the package that none of this is medicine and FDA does not approve of you wasting your money on it. Unless it may poison someone, then FDA is allowed to act.

Though it was debunked by scientists 200 years ago, believe that any dose it a poison or cure is still a common belief today in some kooky circles today, like environmental activists who insist the dose does not make the poison, there is a special instance in the natural world where any molecule can be linked to deaths - and that instance is when their lawyers want to sue companies making something. This homeopathy may actually do something, but it isn't good. Unacceptable levels of Bacillus spp. in a product like this intended for oral care may actually cause worse problems in those with oral disease, dental surgical procedures or who are immunocompromised.