No homeopathic products have been approved by the FDA for any use but they can still be sold, thanks to President Clinton removing supplements and "alternative" medicine from FDA oversight with the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994.

So people can sell water with a molecule of something in it and claim it has medical properties, as long as the package states that FDA has not agreed that magic is real. 

But some companies want to feel medical so badly they sell injectable homeopathy, and so Hervert Pharmaceuticals, LLC; MediNatura, Inc.; 8046255 Canada, Inc., doing business as Viatrexx; and World Health Advanced Technologies, Ltd. have gotten warning letters telling them to stop trying to poison the public by putting toxins, poisons, and diseased animals into their bloodstream.

A placebo is one thing. But when homeopathy is actually harmful, this garbage deserves jail time.

“Enercel Plus” is homeopathic rubbish they sell as treatment for tuberculosis and hepatitis B and C. Yet these companies can't even get the spelling correct in their claims - “Lachesis Mutus (venum [sic] of the bushmaster snake)" - what makes anyone think they understand the science?

Many of the drugs contain toxic ingredients such as nux vomica (which contains strychnine), belladonna (deadly nightshade), mercurius solubilis (mercury), and plumbum aceticum (lead).
People who don't think modern medicine cures diseases need to learn that even ancient chemicals can kill you.