Sometimes a picture tells a thousand words and sometimes it tells a whole book on how markets and freedom to science without government blockades can improve the lives of everyone.

This USDA chart shows the land in use versus affordability of food versus population and it is breathtaking. Imagine what the world would have done if backward places like Europe and Russia adopted American science and technology. If we are dreaming, let's imagine a world where every country used science to grow food. Farmland equal to the entire country of India could revert to nature.

In America, 16 million acres have gone out of service while food has remained affordable. 

Environmentalists, naturally, found a way to frame less farmland - they hate all farming except organic, it seems - as a negative, saying some of it has gone for homes. Well, if so, it isn't much. In America, 51 percent of the land is unused while only 17 percent is cropland while the food output is number one in the world, with less environmental strain and less energy needed than at any point in history.

History majors who work for Natural Resources Defense Council undermining science don't like that being known but you know what it tells educated people? It tells us that everyone running agricultural science and technology university departments and companies should be placed in charge of the US Department of Energy. They'll have us swimming in affordable, low-impact electricity before solar power lobbyists are done promising their stuff will work if they just get subsidies for one more year.