Were dinosaurs capable of parthenogenesis - a virgin birth? Perhaps, because it happened in birds and now a crocodile, and both archosaurs are descendants of dinosaurs. 

The anomaly in a lone female crocodile occurred in 2018. She laid eggs and despite being in captivity for 16 years, had one with a female fetus. The eggs did not hatch but analysis showed the fetus occurred without input from a male

Crocs now joing birds, lizards, sharks, snakes and dozens of others capable of parthenogenesis. But don't try to pull that excuse off with your own family. It's only going to work every few thousand years.

Citation: Warren Booth, Brenna A. Levine, Joel B. Corush, Mark A. Davis, Quetzal Dwyer, Roel De Plecker and Gordon W. Schuett, 'Discovery of facultative parthenogenesis in a new world crocodile' Biology Letters https://doi.org/10.1098/rsbl.2023.0129