Today through March 19th (or 19 March, since the British like to do things wrong even if they make more sense) is British Science Week, where they celebrate Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) in a formal way. Informally they celebrate it every day, since they use cell phones, televisions, mass transit and residents of London are photographed by government 300 times each day. 

They have citizen science programs, activity packs for all ages and even a 5K run. I don't know how running a 5K fits into science but neither does dancing your PhD, and that's still pretty cool.

If you are a beginner and want to do something in your neighborhood their Science on a shoestring document can help but don't expect funding. We did an event with Intel called Tailgate The Science Fair (where we tailgated the science fair just like fans tailgate football games) but we had 300,000,000 readers on our side. You probably won't have that yet, much less British government writing checks, so you should just go ahead and assume you won't have a corporation knocking on your door to give you a sponsorship and keep the cost low.