It used to be that CGI was cool, now it makes the accomplishments of creative people more special.   Tonya Kay is on my Tweetypages whatever thing because she does cool knife throwing and she was in "Secret Girlfriend", the funniest show that will never get renewed, and she recently posted this about a new video:
Check out my choreography and performance with fellow Lalas Burlesque dancer, Janelle Dote, in the new 3OH!3 "Double Vision" music video:

daft punk inspired choreography demands lots of body "make up"

all my choreography was done lying down to get the effect the director wished to achieve
I never heard of these 3OH!3 buys but I bet I am not the target market anyway.  However, it's good stuff, and this video is one of the few times they make a song better rather than just fulfilling some marketing check box.

You can read details on her website here so give it a click to share our awesome Google link power, but what you really want to watch is the cool video so here you go: