US Right To Know, an anti-GMO front group funded by organic food corporations, has made no secret of its willingness to smear and bully and libel scientists and journalists and anyone else who stands up to their campaigns of fear and doubt about the competitors of their clients.

They are Deniers For Hire in the purest sense. A short while ago one of their advisors, Lisa Graves, who runs the political attack site SourceWatch, libeled me by calling me a "felon" but US Right To Know could just dismiss that as not being someone directly working for them. Now they have gone over the top under their own banner.

Stacy Malkan, who believes she is able to overturn all of biology because she is an environmental activist, writes a blog post at claiming that Cornell University is shilling for Big Science by hosting the Cornell Alliance for Science, with funding from Bill Gates. You know Bill Gates, he is the billionaire doing more for ending world hunger than anti-science activists like US Right To Know and SourceWatch could ever dream of doing, because they actually do nothing for anyone except the people who give them money.

In her rambling conspiracy tale, she throws out the Scud missile that I run "a well-known industry front group."  What is her evidence that I run "a well-known industry front group"? Well, she is at US Right To Know, if they needed evidence to advance the agenda of their corporate donors, they wouldn't be in business, but her source is SourceWatch, which is run by the same former Clinton lawyer above, who helps guide US Right To Know in its smear campaigns against agriculture.  Oh, and the hard-left anti-science magazine Mother Jones, which has appeared on organic marketing lists as reliable outlets for promoting doubt about food.

The irony? US Right To Know is actually engaged in a conspiracy, these incestuous tentacles affirming each other are all people in their inner circle and the sympathetic groups they front creating the veneer of a "movement" for the gullible public. But if Cornell Alliance for Science is leading this vast conspiracy they claim, why have they never once contacted me to promote this evil science agenda? How come I am not invited to the secret meetings which, according to the-biology-equivalent-of-a-moon-landing-hoax-purveyor Malkan, must be happening? Especially if I am a key part of this elaborate front group?

If you need to ask those kinds of awkward sensible questions, you will never get a cushy job at US Right To Know, SourceWatch, or in any organic food marketing department.