Smoking cigarettes is bad because of, you know, smoke. Right?

So why are e-cigarettes, which are not smoking, facing the kind of social authoritarian ban hammer usually reserved for Happy Meals and golf and Big Gulps while those same people are gushing all over marijuana, which is smoking?

After all, it's not third-hand cigarettes epidemiological woo that is the latest front in the health war, it is third-hand smoke.

While any mention of the health detriments of smoking marijuana gets hippies with pitchforks out in force, they are happy to let Democrats (naturally) promote made-up stories like that e-cigarettes cause cancer, nicotine addiction and don't help smokers quit. 

Senator Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) and Rep. Henry Waxman (D-Calif.) announced on Monday that they want to restrict e-cigarette marketing and limit the flavors of nicotine e-liquid available to consumers. According to Durbin, the regulations are meant to discourage e-cigarette use among children because it is “ … a candy-flavored addiction, which is dangerous to our young people … and sadly poses serious public health threats.”

Cameron English at PolicyMic has the takedown.