It's no surprise to see a Best Science Websites list. RealClearScience does a great one each year (and I am proud to say I made their list twice) but perhaps even more valuable to the public is a list of science websites to avoid.

Anyone who reads science and then reads environmental sites, or those of sue-and-settle groups like Center for Science in the Public Interest, knows there are a lot of junk science sites out there, and then those who read the Food Babe or homeo- and naturopaths knows there is even more pseudoscience, so getting them all down to a few is the hard part.

But RealClear does, calling out three of the big charlatans; Vani Hari, the self-styled "Food Babe" (® Food Babe LLC), the osteopath Joe Mercola and then conspiracy theorist Mike Adams, who calls himself The Health Ranger. Mixed in is a site claiming vaccines cause autism (same people as for the food fallacy hucksters, if you look at a demographic map of voters, wealthy organic food shoppers, and vaccine denial) and more.

Read their whole list here.