No one is canceling vacation plans just yet but the strongest warning yet about visiting France and Germany has come from Britian, that the terror threat there was high.  It's no surprise since French intelligence has said the same thing, noting the rise in North African terrorism activity.

The US added similar caution this weekend and now Japan and Sweden have done the same.   
The public concerns intensified last week after a Pakistani intelligence official said eight Germans and two British brothers were at the heart of an al-Qaida-linked terror plot against European cities.

Security officials say terrorists may be plotting attacks in Europe with assault weapons on public places, similar to the deadly 2008 shooting spree in Mumbai, India. European officials have provided no details about specific targets.
Let's hope this is an instance where being over-vigilant prevents an attack; a few skeptics saying the heightened terror alerts are designed to be a distraction or were exaggerated are better than people dying.