New York environmental activists, including those employed by the state of New York, said Indian Point nuclear power plant should close for 42 days this summer to protect fish.

Since New York is already concerned about brownouts and blackouts, closing a reliable source of clean energy is one of the stranger environmental plans this year. 

Nuclear plants recycle water, of course, and environmentalists are worried fish will die in warm water. Engineers proposed putting up screens to keep fish away but that made too much sense for the Department of Environmental Conservation, which thinks overpaying for fracking-derived energy from neighboring Pennsylvania at high spot market prices is better for its citizens when they run out of electricity.

Activists were, as expected, a little unhinged. Sunny Amrer of Croton-on-Hudson, a member of the Raging Grannies organization, brought a fish hand puppet, for which she provided the voice, in a song that went, in part: "Bring us solar, bring us hydro, bring us wind. Bring us energy from sources that won't end. Because we could trust uranium, we'd need holes in our cranium. We haven't yet gone that far round the bend."

Proposal to shut Indian Point in summer sparks protest by Ken Valenti,