National Review scribe Christina Hoff Sommers, resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, tackles the PNAS study I discussed in Women In Science: No Discrimination, Says Cornell Study and comes to the same conclusion virtually everyone except people who refuse to believe in any data at all accepts - while discrimination was obviously once endemic in academia and everywhere else, it is no longer there.   

Obviously there are isolated pockets of bigotry still, that diversity is the nature of human beings, but discrimination is a word that applies to institutions and no data done by a reputable source shows it today - yet zealots continue to argue for quotas and awareness programs when the money could be spent elsewhere (apparently it should be spent on outreach for Republicans in science since, as discussed again in Martin Robbins Tackles Liberal Bias, Science Writing's Elephant In The Room, the Holocaust did a worse job eliminating people it hates than leftwing academia has done in eliminating conservatives in universities) to better effect.

Will Ceci and Williams be considered expert testimony the next time Title IX for science rears its ugly head?  Unlikely.  Instead, Sommers notes, studies which have long been debunked will continue to be touted as factual.

Okay, you can go read the National Review article for the rest, unless you think the author being in National Review cancels out her gender or the facts do not count.   Meanwhile, I am off to play Gender Bias Bingo - since the National Science Foundation spent all that money on it to teach men how bigoted they still are, even if they're not, I figure I might learn a thing or two about equality.