Nick Duffy is co-founder of the West Midlands Ghost Club (1989) and since then members of the club have been visiting the spookiest and scariest places around the region, using audio visual equipment, temperature recordings and trigger objects such as crucifixes and old coins to find proof of ghosts. The focus for them has always been objectivity and a calm and measured approach.

So people shouting at ghosts and shaky-cam running all over the place aren't doing anyone any favors, he notes. Hauntings, ghosts and spirits are now big business and TV shows such as Most Haunted and Ghost Hunters have made both viewers and show producers desperate to find the paranormal, says Duffy. And it demeans what he is trying to do.

A skeptical ghost hunter?  Apparently so, at least about some if it. “This sort of thing has always attracted strange people – I think we even outgun ufology when it comes to weirdness – but ever since shows like Most Haunted, it’s become ludicrous, the lunatics have taken over the asylum,” he told Elizabeth Joyce at Express&Star.

“I am sceptical and I, myself, have never experienced the sight of a ghost. Once, I was in West Bromwich’s Manor House and one of the members said they saw the ghost of a little girl following me – but I never saw it.”

Link: Ghosts? What people see is a brief snapshot into the past by Elizabeth Joyce, Express&Star